Dear Physician,

The DME MAC medical directors frequently receive complaints from physicians about various marketing schemes from DME suppliers.Some of the methods used are:

  • Unsolicited orders for medical equipment or supplies, often with wording such as “We received a call from your patient Jane Doe who wants you to order…” and then lists multiple items on a pre-printed order for you to approve.
  • Advertisements that Medicare will provide you with payment for referrals of patients.
  • Pre-completed medical necessity forms with instructions to just “Sign and Date Here.”

Most of these schemes are obvious in their wording or their attempts to get you to approve unnecessary medical equipment and supplies.You are under no obligation to support or justify these supplier solicitations or to sign orders for items not initiated by you or that were provided by the DME supplier at a patient’s request without prior consultation. Suspected abuse may be reported to the OIG at, 1-800-447-8477 or via fax at 1-800-223-2164.  To read the entire letter please click here

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